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I'm a 30something (fine 32) husband and father who enjoys cooking for his family more than anything in the world. My beautiful wife and I have been together for 15 years (married for 5) and have been blessed with the 2 most amazing little boys, ever.   I watched the 2 greatest cooks in my life - my Mom and Dad - growing up, and started dabbling in cooking when I was in college after getting sick of fast food and top ramen all the time.  I'm constantly reading, watching, and asking about food in order to learn more about it (a really good friend of mine has to get annoyed by my constant texting asking him about cooking). In an effort to be healthier, eat cleaner, become a better cook (no, I'm nowhere near professional) and get my kids to enjoy good food, I've decided to blog about meals I prepare for them, meals I prepare for myself, and my love for food. Click on the "Food!" link to the left to check out what we are having!  I'm always taking suggestions, so if you have any food recipes you want to share, send em!  Hopefully you get something out of this by stopping by, and thanks for visiting :)